a play with puppets
by marge buckley
directed by rosie tabachnick

playing at the heart of the beast
a.k.a the avalon theatre
in minneapolis, minn
june 27-30, 2024

YouBone phenomenon Detective Chunk is trying to find out who murdered their Mommy. The only evidence is a jar of goop, their Neighbor Pip (suspicious), and a very specific drawing of an alien abduction from 1987 that Sigourney Weaver (their camerawoman, a cat) found in the exact spot where Mommy was murdered. Coincidence?

Join this intrepid Feline-Canine Duo as they hop the multiverse to discover the pleasures of ASMR, feline polycules, and monorails, all while trying to outrun a dysphoric robot-double that represents their most horrifying self-loathing. Y’know. Tuesday stuff.