a play with puppets
by marge buckley
directed by rosie tabachnick

playing at in the heart of the beast
a.k.a the avalon theatre
in minneapolis, minn
june 27-30, 2024

all shows 7:30pm
masks required on Sunday, June 30

YouBone phenomenon Detective Chunk is trying to find out who murdered their Mommy. The only evidence is a jar of goop, their Neighbor Pip (suspicious), and a very specific drawing of an alien abduction from 1987 that Sigourney Weaver (their camerawoman, a cat) found in the exact spot where Mommy was murdered. Coincidence?

Join this intrepid Feline-Canine Duo as they hop the multiverse to discover the pleasures of ASMR, feline polycules, and monorails, all while trying to outrun a dysphoric robot-double that represents their most horrifying self-loathing. Y’know. Tuesday stuff.

chelly beaver    sasha blinnikova
artemis brown    ember joy
sam weisberg     allison young

puppets by
syd peterson     arlo ione sombor

sets by          
ada packiewicz

lighting by      
emmet kowler

sound by        
asher weisberg

costumes by     
emily moses     abbey quandal

additional designs by
megan creasey    ray gorlin

puppet advisor