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Arlo Ione Sombor

is a metalworker, puppet maker, soft sculpture specialist, occasional performer, and multi-instrumentalist from upstate New York, currently based in South Minneapolis.

If you saw DETECTIVE CHUNK, THE MULTIVERSE, AND ME (2024), you've looked their puppets dead in the eye.
They fabricated interactive set pieces for Commutator Collective’s Grainville Cereals, Inc (2022), THE GULL (2024), and Open Flame Theater's The Garden (2021, 2023).

They performed as a violist with Open Flame Theater (The Wastelands (2017, 2018), The Garden (2021)), the Barebones Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza (2016) and the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra.

They have designed and welded legions of animatronic halloween robots, each of which has been told a horrible, intimate secret.

Email Arlo if you want something made or if you wanna touch some soft art.

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