We trained an AI on Marge. We used it to write some terrible new plays. Premiering alongside the real thing*, we present
*plays actually written by Marge


Party & Plays
Sunday, Dec 3
︎Karaoke at 8
︎Show at 9
︎Party at 10
only at ACRYLICS
RSVP for Address

And what’s more– if you have acting talents, we need you! The plays will be performed live & unrehearsed in front of an audience. If you are willing and able to act... RSVP

This event is free to attend. There will be a cash bar and snacks for $1 from the vendy. We want to get the numbers right. If you are a being that consumes food & beverages... RSVP

A note from the Wachine...

Dear Guests,

You are all cordially invited to the event "woman vs. wachine", where we will be performing playing written by an AI that was fine tuned on Marge's plays, as well as plays written by marge. Would you like some other special event tips or what? No? Okay, I'm just checking.

The event happens in the store front room of ACRYLICS, which is upstairs in what used to be ACRYLICS: They moved it because they couldn't sustain it. I didn't know thingssssss. You did not tell me. Lemme go look it up, like I have to look it up so you'll know stuff.

I know you probably have little interest in my plays, but I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to hear them in person anyway. There is a box of inspiration that I have adjacent to the room. Dump it onto the table. There is an empty bench at the edge of the table. Also, I will sit on the bench. We begin. The table is too small for the entire audience. I sit at the bench.

PLEASE COME. It’s not very long. And it only gets more hilarious as it goes on. Seriously. You won-t regret it. And if you don-t want to see it, that's cool. Thanks for coming!

Best wishes,



What does it mean to act in this show?
Actors will be given scripts and a director will guide you through the space. There may be some light propping & costumes. You will only perform in one skit and you will be able to watch the others. Everyone will clap for you.
Remember: if you want to perform you need to let us know in your RSVP

What songs ae available for karaoke?
The Wachine has written some very nice new songs we think you will all enjoy

Will the dance music be AI generated?
No! The house DJ will be spinning his usual mix of funk & disco

Does this mean Marge is obsolete?
No! We need playwrights now more than ever. Look out for more of Marge’s full-length plays in 2024

What kind of cigarettes are currently available in the Vendy?
Camel Turkish Royals, 2/$1

Can I bring a friend?
Yes if they’re cool and they promise to consult the parking infographic* to park correctly *parking infographic is sent out after you RSVP

Why do you want me to RSVP so bad?
Look, we’re excited to have you over, ok? RSVP so we can know how to cast the show, how many cases of wine to buy, and how good we can expect the dance floor to look ︎

Where is ACRYLICS?
Somewhere in Northeast Minneapolis
We’ll send you everything you need to know about getting there after you RSVP

What is Commutator Collective?
So glad you asked...

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Other questions?
Call or text Commutator at 612-460-0333

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