40/60: Today is a Gift,
That’s Why They Call it the Present

and your presence is requested for an evening of theater and dancing,
+ a tour through the archives of Grainville Cereals Incorporated
︎ + Rosie’s 260th “birthday,” ︎ 
feat. DJ Soulsquad from Java

SATURDAY, June 11, 2022 @ 7pm

Hosted by Commutator Collective at your favorite classic acrylics factory, ACRYLICS

$15 suggested cover (pay-what-you-wish)
to cover drinks, snacks, and the cost of the space

RSVP here

In the future...

...when most people subsist on a diet of meal worms and transformed pea protein,
what will you eat in those weird hours between lunch and dinner?
Who will remember Fruit Roll Ups’ Tongue Tattoos?


What is a 40/60?
40 minutes of art (theater, snacks, game shows)
60 minutes of dancing (mixed by DJ Soulsquad)
and after that... anything could happen

Where is ACRYLICS?
Somewhere in Northeast Minneapolis
We’ll send you everything you need to know about getting there after you RSVP

What is Commutator Collective?
So glad you asked...

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