Who We Are

Commutator Collective was started in the summer of 2018 by Marge Buckley, Ray Gorlin, and Sam Weisberg in tandem with the opening of their original production, “PHYLLOXERA!”


is, in the words of Luke Soucy, “the world’s smallest impresario.” He is, variously, a theater director, a queer in a dress, a wine educator, a cat enthusiast, a mediocre piano player, and a dinner party host. Find him working with organizations he loves, like Blue Water Theatre Co., The Playwrights’ Center, or Ten Thousand Things. He’s keen on chopped liver and loves a good musical.


is, in the words of Sam Weisberg, “the most creative frog in the lower-48.” They are a full-time visual artist working in multiple mediums, including but not limited to: caricature, felting, comics, infographics, and illustration. They are a regular teacher of Paint-Nites, a steady source of art commissions, a fixture at caricature stands across the Midwest, a fan of herps, and your friendly neighborhood gardener.


is, in the words of Ray Gorlin, “a dangerous wordmonger and probably a hologram.” She’s a writer, performer, and artist’s model. She hosts a podcast on wine and spirits for France44. Her play The Rooster and the Magnet was recently performed as an episode in Sparkhaven Theatre’s Tales From Camp Strangewood anthology. Check out her debut collection of short stories right here: The Hunkerdown and Out.

But there are more of us! So many more!!

Commutator Collective values addition and multiplication over subtraction and division. As such, our collective is always growing, changing, and multiplying (as is this page). Every artist who works with us becomes a member of the collective, and the collective exists to serve the needs of every artist, whatever they may be. We are not a non-profit, or a for-profit, or a foundation. Instead, we serve as an in-between for many different artists making many different kinds of work, individually and collaboratively, to find each other and find an audience.